I was born in Edenton, NC and currently live in Greenville, NC. The Mustard Seed Catering was started when I was asked to cater a wedding for a member of Arthur Chrisitan Church, where I serve as a Youth Minister. After that event, I realized that my passion of food and my faith in God could be intertwined to support my youth ministry. My success in this business is due to the support of my church,my family, and being able to provide good, high-quality food at a reasonable price. Since God has given me this talent, I want to give back to our Lordís Ministry by allowing the community to enjoy affordable catering and simultaneously donating to our youth of tomorrow. My ten years of food service is a culmination of working at Barton College and East Carolina University. At Barton, I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Religion and Philosophy. During those four years, I served as Student Manager under the direction of Food Director, Tony Tilley. The four years at Barton along with the Manager position at East Carolina University allowed me to learn about all areas of prepping, preparing, and servicing of food to the college and the community at large. Matthew 17:20 has always been a family scripture and an inspiration to me throughout my life because it speaks of faith and I knew instantly that this was to be the name of my catering services. The public has graciously been interested in my catering because of the ties to my church ministry. I consider my business cards as faith cards because the message of the mustard seed is carried to all who receives one, the message of Faith.